A Nicholson in New Zealand: III

Much more time on the plane today, with both the aprons flattened and square, as well as all the legs. The cleanest sections of the joists included one section with a partial waney edge, visible in the shot above. I’ll mostly be able to hide this inside the joint with the top, and I’m happy for it to be visible from the ends—a reminder of the wood’s origin.

The ledger in the centre is the only really finished wood I’ve purchased, and will be the least visible on the inside and underside of the bench. It is also more expensive than the joists, but at 19mm will give me around the right thickness for holdfasts, and it did save more planing.


One of each of the tops and aprons was quite cupped, and required a lot of flattening. In doing so I’ve made each noticeably thinner (2-3mm) than its counterpart. This isn’t really an issue for the apron—I simply made the outer part of the legs on that side thinner too. It may be for the top, but as the other top was already pretty flat I decided to wait until the whole thing is assembled. If necessary I can bring the other top down to the same level—but I’ll wait until I can see how noticeable the difference is.

Another advantage of the family being away is being able to use our IKEA dining table as a workbench—not for the first but hopefully for the last time.


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