A Nicholson in New Zealand: IV

The family returns tomorrow, and I’ve been flat out in the last two days trying to get as much done on the build as I can. Happy to have completed both leg assemblies, even if the joinery is not everywhere as tight and clean as I would like. The shape of the bench is now clear, and it stands together with only a couple of clamps to hold the aprons to the legs. It feels really solid—each of the leg assemblies weighs around 13kg, which is about the same as each of the aprons (with ledgers) and a bit more than the tops. So the whole thing is already around 75kg, and there’s more weight to be added in the bearers and the packing for holdfasts underneath the tops.


For the planing stop I used a random piece of hardwood trimmed off a bed many years ago. It has close straight grain and should stand up to some punishment. In the legs some of the pink stain on the bevel edges of the joists is still visible. The tops of the aprons are yet to be jointed, but I’ll leave some visible there too. I could have planed these off too, but as well as a reminder of the kind of wood I had to work with, I quite liked the vaguely Tron-like effect of leaving the pink outlines along the joints of the legs and between the tops and the aprons.

Still to be done: adding the bearers, jointing the tops of the aprons and bearers, adding a hole in the top for the planing stop, screwing the top down, adding the crochet, boring the holes, bolting the legs and adding the packers. Some way to go, but at least at this point I have something that looks more like a bench than a pile of planks.


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